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I’m a suburban “boy-mom” and "comfy style marketer" living in sunny Southern California. Disneyland is my playground and shopping at Target is my weekly Zen.  I've declared myself a permanent stay-at-home-in-my-comfies-laptop-is-my-six-figure-money-maker-call-before-you-drop-by-rainbow-unicorn-queen-mama.


I snapped a selfie and then created this website in hopes that you will one day stumble upon it looking for more information on low content book publishing.


Maybe the same way I stumbled upon this industry one Sunday back in December of 2018 while having a fun time lunching with one of my besties and her new baby boy. 

Over a yummy plate of pasta, we landed in a detailed discussion on how she was making money online publishing low content books on Amazon. What? It took me a hot minute (almost 6 months, really) to grasp what she was talking about and the profitability of low content book publishing.  However, once I understood how a decent income could be made, I dove right in!  It’s easy (once you get the basics).  It’s fun. And most importantly, it is extremely profitable.


I want to introduce moms like you to making money online with low content book publishing!


Why?  Because I remember how hard it was for me to make money online when I first decided to stay home with my kiddo. I was lost and nobody wanted to teach me how to do anything...unless I paid them top dollar.


So for12 years, I would do the research myself, and then share what I learned by holding a lunchtime workshop teaching other moms in my community how to increase their home-based incomes-- all for the price of a yummy meal and a hug.


I learned two things hosting these monthly workshops that I called Creative Cafes.  Most women showed up to sell their products, not to learn new business building skills. The other is my most important marketing lesson learned.  Women who like to build their businesses online lean towards learning new skills online as well. Oh Duh!


I have a spiritual connection to my introvert/ambivert/anti-corporate establishment kindreds who want to work from home successfully, so I designed this site to share my resources with other moms (and dads) who would love to stay at home with their kiddos, grand-kiddos, or fur kiddos and create low content books for a passive income too--- but don’t know where to start.


I WILL connect you to some cool resources to help you reach your goals, like this free step-by-step site that my bestie authors and my quick "how-to" guide found on this site. 


I want my site to inspire YOU to try this breezy business model, and it also serves as a detailed explanation for my curious observers on how I stay at home in my jammies all day and never attend in-person networking or vendor events, yet still make a great living. LOL!!!


Just for grins and giggles, I'm also keeping a personal diary of everything that I am doing.  My first goal is to generate $75k publishing on Amazon.  Once I hit that first level, I’ll publish my diary as a low content book to tell you all about it.

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