Coming up with great niche ideas for low content book publishing is a crucial skill.  Without basic market researching skills, you will not make much money with your publishing business.


The process of investigating new market ideas is simple and will become even easier with practice.


However, the one mistake that brand new independent book publishers make is making up their own niches without first performing the profitability research

The best and easiest way to make money in low content book publishing is to look for what the MARKET likes and buys. Find a profitable niche, and then either design a prettier cover or create notebooks for subcategories that complement it.


Sometimes, it can be kind of boring to look for profitable niches when you don’t know where to start.  So, I’m going to list a few here to jumpstart your creative thought process


I also, HIGHLY recommend reading GREAT NICHE IDEAS FOR LOW CONTENT BOOK PUBLISHING.  This book lists some wonderfully profitable niche ideas PLUS shares ideas for the complementing subcategories.


Here are 40 great niche ideas to help you start thinking. Remember each of one has subcategories to explore: ‚Äč

Niche Journal (Duh! LOL)
Car Repair Log
Dream Diary/Journal
Prayer Journal
Goal Planner
Hand Lettering Practice (Fonts)
Budget Diary
Event Journal or Planner
Health or Dr. Visit Journal
Mood Log

Food Journal
Garden Planner
Habit Tracker
Morning Pages or Night Pages (daily journaling)
Scripting Notebook
Affirmation Journal
Inspirational Quotes Journal
Spiritual Journal

Restaurant Review Journal

Movie Journal

Hair Care Journal

Recipe Journal

Exercise/Fitness Journal

Content Planner

Amusement Park Planner

Travel Journal

Bucket List Notebook

Nature Journal

Humor/Joke Book

Story Idea Journal

Infertility Journal

Pregnancy Journal

Baby’s First Year Journal

Time Line Journal

Field Trip Journal

Word Puzzle Book

Password Keeper

Pet Care Journal

Here is another fun YouTube video from StackinProfits about how to find great niche ideas. (I love his accent!)

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