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Low Content Publishing is the one phrase that could change EVERYTHING you know about working from home and making money online.

It's time to think outside of the box and get creative with low content publishing in 2020!

Forget the home parties, social media posts, and vendor events!

If you can manage design applications like Powerpoint, InDesign, or Canva Pro on your laptop (on your own schedule BTW), then you can build a profitable "set it and forget it" side gig publishing low content books on Amazon.

It is niche notebooks that have very few words printed in them, like journals, prayer books, guestbooks, planners, notebooks, and coloring books, etc. that are designed and then uploaded to an on-demand printing service like Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing.  Since it's an "on-demand" printing service, there is no overhead or inventory.  Moreover, your printing fees are captured when each book is purchased


 Does publishing low content books sound interesting? 

Terrific!  Click the "about me" link to read how I stumbled upon niche notebooks while lunching with my bestie.


So why am I telling you about this excellent way to make 5-6 figures creating paperback niche notebooks? I want to pay it forward in an organized thought process that is easy to follow and apply.  I want to give you a fast way to set out on your low content publishing journey as you continue your daily "mom" schedule.


 It's a passive way to add funds to your bank account!  


I have been "mom-ing" for 18 years now. In all of those years, I have worked my butt off to be able to afford to be a stay at home mom.  I exhaustedly kept up with a WAHM coaching business, social marketing gigs, household responsibilities, and homeschooling my kiddo.


I wish I had known about low content publishing for passive income years ago. I'd have tens of thousands of books published by now.  However, today I can say that I'm blessed to be able to sit with my laptop to design a fun niche notebook once...and then continue making money online for years to come. Fair enough.


If you are looking for a flexible laptop lifestyle and enjoy learning new money-making skills -- then hang around to read more about what you need to get started.  It's my blessing to you, mama!

Low Content Publishing:

Make Money Selling Notebooks

So What The Heck Is Low Content Publishing?

 All I ever wanted was a successful and creative business that generates at least 6-figures

Read How I Discovered Low Content Publishing 

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