Blank lined notebook shown as an example of zero content book publishing


Believe it or not, low content book publishing is the most popular field of publishing in paperback commerce. Probably because the books offer a high function as tools for a myriad of events and processes.  In this structure of independent publishing, books with the least amount of content create the biggest attraction.  Cray-cray, right?



Notebooks |   Journals |  Coloring Books |  Puzzle Books

What is great about these books is even though they have very little, repetitive, or no written content, they can serve a limitless variety of niches and needs. 


These types of books fall into two categories:


Low Content Book Publishing – Designed covers, with very little written words or designed interiors

No or Zero Content Book Publishing – Designed covers with blank or repetitive lined interiors


I know it sounds ridiculous because there is not much work involved, but low content book publishing is a flourishing and prosperous industry.

What is the profitability?


The benefits of low content book publishing are astounding!  Not only have these publishers put their hand on the heartbeat of impulse purchases, but their books are also a solution to a problem that most people have. It is a win-win.

In my research, I have found publishers that are generating a side-gig income from 4-figures all the way up to 6-figures. I even stumbled on a couple of publishers who have hit the 7-figure mark, but they have been working this industry full-time since July 2000.

Publishing with Amazon KDP has a very low investment of time and no investment of money in creating content which allows more room for much higher profits.  The books that you create will be uploaded to Amazon’s Print On Demand service.  This means zero inventory and that you only pay for your printing fees per book as a customer clicks to buy.  So, you are not out any money if no one buys a book until next Christmas. 


You will have the ability to target a wide variety of niches and demographics. It’s pretty much limitless!

Make as many or as few books for a wide range of niches or focus on one or two niches.


You can scale your low content book publishing business higher by repurposing the same book into different categories, print physical books to sell at boutiques or vendor events, or create more books with the same format for other niches.


While doing my research into this industry I have found that nearly100% of low content book publishers use Amazon KDP for their publishing platform.



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