Here is a tiny peek at the keyword research that I performed through KDP Rocket. I was trying to understand how something as simple as a journal could generate a lofty profit. As you can see, it is completely possible when you choose a good niche, niche keywords, and maybe a little marketing and advertising on your part.   I bet you are starting to think of an untapped niche right now, aren't you? 


Now, the above is what we would call low content publishing or books with little to no words, but have sections that prompt a thought to be checked off or written down. It takes a little more interior book design effort on your part, but it can still be easily done with no added monetary investment. 


Below is what your sales could look like with "no content publishing" or niche books with only blank or lined pages. 


Wow! I could ALWAYS use an additional $2000 a month.  What about you?

Hopefully, this gives you a better insight into the profitability of low content publishing and why I jumped on this opportunity with both feet!

PenGems, colorful crystal filled pens that are perfect for journal and notebook writing

How To Create A Profitable Online Side Gig Publishing Low Content Books on Amazon